What is osport.pro?
— is a discussion internet club, created for public discussions of problems and perspectives of sports development and the Olympic movement in the world.
The project is being implemented by a group of experts that has been studying the history of the Olympic movement since 1960s, to understand its present state and to predict its future development.  
The goal of osport.pro
 – is to organize a social discussion inside the Olympic movement, that will unite all professionals and sport lovers, who are ready to tell their opinion about the Olympic movement development, who can ask questions and help to reveal developmental problems in one place. Moreover, they have to look for possible ways and mechanisms of solving these problems in a democratic and public mode.  
How osport.pro works?
Our platform is an internet club, and you have to register in order to avoid network mess and to keep order.
Today we offer two levels of registration.
First level called «Virtual club member» (VCM). You can register by using any fictional name, but in this case your freedom will be restricted and you won`t be able to message with article authors and ask them questions. Also, you won`t be able to start a comment branch.
Second level called «Real club member» (RCM). You can get this level after getting VCM level and filling out a detailed form, which will let you to communicate with authors, to comment all articles, to share direct contacts with other club members, to participate in different competitions as an author and offer your articles for publication.
You have to remember, that your application will be checked and confirmed manually by club`s editorial stuff. That`s why after filling out the form, be patient and wait until it`ll be confirmed by osport.pro.
We monitor the quality of the discussion!
It`s important to know that we attentively monitor the quality of the discussion and abidance of club charter. If we find any violations, we limit the possibilities of the discussion, assigning a ban from 1 to 7 days.
Who can be an author and what papers we publish?
Authors publish papers, in which they describe achievements, problems and disadvantages of sport industry and related to sport areas and also possible mechanisms of their solutions.
After reading an article, there is a possibility to ask question to author and leave a comment. It allows all participants to compare notes and find new solutions through discussion.
 Our feature, in comparison with usual internet platform, is that club members have a possibility to chat with the author directly, no matter what rank this person takes.
Who is our follower?
We make periodic mailings, notifying about new publications on our close database: 
-      Olympic beefeaters
-      Representatives of Ifs and NOCs
-      Representatives of affiliated Olympic institutions
-      Mass media
-      Athletes and coaches
-      Students
Who can be an author?
We give an opportunity to publish articles and share experience to everyone, who cares about the World Olympic movement development.
We invite to participate in our project all sport lovers who are ready to speak about the problems and achievements of the Olympic movement, answer on the questions asked by club participants and also to participate in discussions themselves.  
We personally invite to cooperate:
–      NOCs, NSFs and affiliated Olympic institutions for publishing policy statements
–      Mass media for publishing analytical reviews
–      Coaches and athletes for making publications, that describe the situation from their perspective
Why you need to publish on osport.pro?
Your personal article on osport.pro is a possibility to attract attention of the world professional society to your opinion, to hear a constructive feedback from the expert community. Also, you can find some congenial people there.
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