Direct communication with the author

You can contact with the author directly on our resource.
Just click the button «Direct contact with the author» in his profile and than in the window, that appears write the message: "Dear (name), I want to contact you directly in order to personally discuss (propose, etc.) ..." click the "Send request" button
Your request will be automatically sent to the Author's mail with the information about yourself, which you filled out in the registration form.
Author has the right to:
“Accept” your request, and then you will receive a reply to your mail with his personal address.
"Accept later", then your request gets on his "waiting list"..
"Refuse", which also happens.
Remember that you can send a request only once.
If you for some reason do not want to appear in the open club forum under your real name, you can use a second account, specifically for direct communications. Your requests and personal data will not be seen by anyone, except the person with whom you are requesting contact.
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